Monday, September 7, 2009

Badminton Game

Last Sunday, it was my first time going out to play badminton with some church friends over at Greenview condo. It's pretty fun, considering I have not played for so long! hahaha.. xP

Anyways, Jessica, Victor, Ben, Nick, Tim, Soon, James, Yinz & her two cousins, Ms. Lye were all there already when we reached the court. We started playing, well, maybe for Dru, but for me n Yinz, we were more like, practising! hahaha..

I felt quite surprised, when I saw hubby played, cos I have never really seen him play before, though everyone says he's quite the sportsman. *wink* ;P Hehe... yea, I know he's a sports-fan, but I don't know how good he plays. Well, hubby plays footie, sepak takraw, badminton, ping pong, swimming... but I think he enjoyes soccer the most.

So, we were all quite tired by 5pm, and soon, we left for an early dinner. Apart from last Sunday's game, Monday was a holiday. So, I went to the amrket with mummy and helped her cook dinner last night. However, Andrew's uncle apssed away on Saturday, so yesterday was the memorial service. The pastor preached about being forgiven by God through Jesus, and I felt it was really good to let his relatives and other cousins hear the gospel this way too. Praise God for every opportunity to tell about Jesus.:)

Anyhow, this weekend would be pretty busy too. Considering a workshop and a concert we'll be going to. Not to mention having the weekend off (from worship duty@) ;D GreAt~~!!~~@##... can have some free time for the weekend.

I watched Hannah Montana the Movie yesterday. Hahaha... yea yea, I'm a bit too old for that. But the story's rpetty simple but somehow quite entertaining. The songs aren't that bad either. I'm quite the Disney Princess-feel-good-kinda fan, so Disney movies are pretty much my favourite too. Funny thing, makes me wonder that life is indeed more than just reaching the top, it's all about the climb... the journey, the process of growing and learning. Sometimes, we do have to lose, other times, it really isn't about the thing on the other side or what's up there, it truly is... all about the CLIMB. hmm...

(i like this part - her singing with her dad, Butterfly Fly Away)

So, that's about it, for another week gone by. Probably be waiting on for the next rainfall, so I can take more pics on "snowy" mountain tops..hahaha...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Day of Semester... in TAR College 28 Aug 09

outside my class window, on a raining morning, there's even a waterfall coming down from the mountains! Talk about natural view! :)
My last day of class - morning - waiting for students. Empty seats, but finally only 6 ppl came!
just taking a pic of myself while waiting for the students to come. hehehe...cold day!
This is the card and pink bear the CPR students got for me, as a farewell and thank you gift! I'm very touched and appreciate their kind thoughts!
This is the pic I took with them, only 7 ppl in my CPR class, but one withdrew, so only 6 in the end...they are a nice caring class!

well, this is it. The last day of classes for the first semester here in TARC, teaching Study Skills.
The whole 3 months plus has been a wonderful experience, because partly I'm teaching a new subject, also partly cos this is the first time I am teaching majority boys in my classes!! hahaha... well, they usually make me laugh... and other times, quite upset but mostly, very thankful cos they're just a nice bunch!

Of course, with the rain pouring down for almost everyday for the past 2 weeks or so, many students came in late, some didn't come in, cos the syllabus has already been covered. So, I didn't expect many to turn up for the final week here.

But, I just want to thank God so much, for the opportunity to share about Jesus to them, and some of them responded very encouragingly, of how they themselves, know who Jesus is and also having friends who have talked to them about God, and even some of them attended a christian kindergarten. So, I just really thank God so much.

Other than that, I got a nice rose for the Chinese Valentine's week, I got a nice pink piggy soft toy from M52, and a very nice and expensive pink bear and hand-made card from M58, CPR students... I'm just so glad, things that I taught them, things I shared and the way I cared, really meant something to them. So, just a little thought, still.. I'm gonna miss all of them.

We exchanged MSN addresses and I wished them the best for their coming exams! In the meantime, I'll be praying for them too. Well, t'was the first time in TARC that I realized how grateful and thankful I am just to be teaching :) hehehe... Will look forward to be back there again sometime later!~~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kelvin Soh Concert in FPBC 19 July 09

Last weekend, Kelvin Soh Say Min, from Singapore, came to House of Hope, FGA Central and FPBC to give a short evangelistic concert, mainly sharing his testimony and also singing a few songs from his CD.

It was really an encouraging testimony, hearing how the Lord changed his life as a former drug-addict and also his life before he knew Jesus. Jailed for almost 20 years and going through so much pain and suffering in his youth, Kelvin spurred the crowds to really open their hearts to Jesus and receive Him as Lord and Saviour, to allow our Lord to change each one of us and to believe that all things are possible for our Lord.

There were some funny moments in his sharing, and he spoke mainly in Hokkien and Mandarin. Although I hear his sharing almost 4 or 5 times last weekend, I still am so in awe of how God can change someone who was really practically, nothing, to someone that not only can write songs and have his own albums and travel around so many countries to share the gospel, but how the Lord uses the least, the last and the weakest to be the first, to shame the strong and to be his instrument. Of course, Kelvin says how he is humbled by God's gifting to him and using him.

Andrew was really very encouraged and excited and blessed to be able to play bass together with our worship team during this short trip to Penang for Kelvin. I enjoyed the songs because it spoke of God's grace and love and also reminds us to everyday, be grateful and thankful.

Lastly, here are some pics of the time in FGA and FPBC :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Way I was Made - Road music for this life*~

REcently, I managed to squeeze in some time to read a wonderful and inspiring book, written by a very humble, talented and anointed worship leader, Chris Tomlin.

Apart from being a very gifted musician and an inspiring lead worshiper who leads thousands of the students all over the world to worship God, I find myself truly inspired by his stories and sharings. It all reflected what a simple, true heart of a worshiper is. I mean, it's so easy to get engulfed by the crowds, the sounds, the music, the technicality of it all, the people, the band, the demands and expectations.... but beyond all of these dynamics, Chris shared some of his road music inspirations and how each song came to be, and how God leads him through unexpected turns and paths, decisions and people, that don't always seem like the ideal "stage"..but ultimately, unfolding God's wondrous plans and purposes for his life.

Who'd expect, Chris, invited to a church to play, only to find that the music minister decided for him, how "worship music" was in that church and demanded that he do without the drums, without the plug-in guitar, and with a whole lot of other rules... sigh*. Makes me realize, even then, God is working out so we don't lose the big picture.

I'm also very touched by his sharing on his family upbringing, how his dad and grandpa and other friends who were so significant to shape him, lead him and gave him the push he needed to move towards the "unknown" yet wonderful, glorious plan of God for him.

Needless to say, every part of the book encouraged me tremendously. I really want to thank Yin Hooi for lending it to me... ahahha.. I had it for weeks & almost 2 months! But it's truly a blessing to be able to finish reading it, and now Andrew is reading it.

Chris' music have encouraged many and his songs are sung throughout the world, opening up the hearts and minds of countless worshipers to see His glory and wondrous grace! It never led us to focus on him, but instead, teaches us to fix out gaze at the Famous One, the Beautiful One, the King of Majesty, Jesus alone!

I don't normally read much. But this book has come in at a precise time, considering that alot of things happening has sort of caused me to feel quite distracted and tired/upset. Perhaps, just to remind me, that someone like Chris, who has gone through so much, in his music and calling, isn't always an easy path. Likewise, Road music for this life.... I'm imagining, through the road of life, there will always be countless musical expressions of our worship and heart cry to our Lord. Let me write those songs, Lord... not just for a season, but for this road called life. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My autographed CDs, Tim & Al... :) Happy DAy & FutuRE SounD~

These are the CDs I got autographed by Tim Hughes & Al Gordon. Funny story, I almost didn't want to let them sign... but decided why not> since we came all the way, and it's not everytime you get to see great worship leaders like them in M'sia, let alone in front of mE!hahah :)

Worship Central @ DUMC - with Tim hughes & Al Gordon

On Tuesday, 19 May, me n andrew went down to DUMC, KL for a worship tour conference by Worship Central, hosted by Tim hughes & Al Gordon.

We were much priveleged to be apart of the leadership team conference where Tim & Al specifically talked on worship - practical & spiritual aspects. We learned alot, much of it focuses on us, being ushers for people to engage in worship. He says, worship leading isn't about success or failure, it's all about a learning experience. I took in all I could, and felt very blessed & encouraged by these two very humble yet tremendously talented & gifted worship leaders/musicians.

it is their heart that shone the brightest. Tim quoted John Wellesley, "everyday, I go on fire for God, and people just watch me burn.."

During the night concert, about 1000 people filled the huge hall, we were very fortunate to get the 3rd seat on the front, center! hahaha.. :) The music was fantastic, cos they are brilliant musicians. But I realized, we were all there with God's people, from every part, KL, Sabah, Kuching, Melaka, Penang :) to worship Jesus together. It was an awesome experience.

One for the album, this is my FIRST time, seeing Tim Hughes in person, and I got a personal photo with him, together with Andrew too :) We also took a pic with Al Gordon, who is also a very humble and obliging bloke ;P hehehe... He even asked my name to be signing an autograph on the cd I got.

Over all, I'm so glad and thankful to God we went. Although the Kl experience itself was tiring, the highlight of the whole trip, this worship tour, was amazing! We had a wonderful fantastic time in this place and I could say, the worship songs we sing every Sunday, is so much more than just words. I'm looking forward to the next worship tour next year again :) Hopefully, they come to Penang!! YeaH~!~!~!

cheers!!! :)

*** a very happy barbie** ;)))))

Friday, April 24, 2009

Because of His Love

This is a really good song from Al Gordon, who is from Worship Central, London, and Tim Hughes and himself, are coming to DUMC on May 19 this year for a worship tour. I'm excited to go, and hope that we can get to go :) Yeay!!!